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ELT field trips!
That's me on the right! The really interested girl on the left is Eugenia.

All pictures courtesy of Holtz and his digital camera.

That's Eugenia being all teacher-like....Look at the awe on my face! (i'm the blonde, fyi)

I would first like to introduce myself:
I'm Amy! I attend the University of MD-College Park, and I'm also affiliated with College Park Scholars-Earth, Life, and Time. Soon, I'll be a sophomore (yay!) and I'll get to participate in the Scholars practicum, which is basically an internship that somehow relates to science. As to my future plans, I would love to become a doctor: yes, I want to spend the rest of my young life in school!

The next step!
Ok, the only reason I made this site is for my Scholars class, taught by the two greatest professors ever: Dr. Thomas Holtz and Dr. John Merck!!!
At the end of our sophomore year, College Park Scholars participates in an Academic Showcase. That means I'll have to do that next year! (Yikes!) But, meanwhile, all the freshmen had to go to their showcase and interview three ELTers (that's scholar-talk for Earth, Life, and Time).

Keran Gosine (ELT)
Contact Information:
Title of Project: Propert Management Aid at the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Duties/Description of Project:
  • Evaluate property management software available in the future
  • Prepare tenant correspondence for issues
  • Visit M-NCPPC sites for analysis and evaluation purposes

Main Benefits: Work experience in an office job

Main Obstacles: Communicating with rude and difficult tenants


Sarita Maraj (ELT)

Contact Information:

Title of Project: Tutoring Children Through Greenbelt CARES Program

Duties/Description of Project:

  • Tutor one child in Math and Science for 25 hours in the Greenbelt CARES Program.

Main Benefits: Doing something worthwhile with her time and helping someone else

Main Obstacles: Cancellations by the mother


Craig Famosa (ELT)

Contact Information:

Title of Project: How Forensic Science was used to Solve Two Murders (Bergen County Prosecutor's Office: Homicide Detectives)

Description of Project:

  • Looked through solved cases
  • Helped input solved cases
  • Reopened "cold cases"
  • Attended autopsies
  • Witnessed interrogations
  • Lie detector testing
  • Packaged evidence

Main Benefits: Reaffirmed decision to become a Criminal Justice major and reaffirmed his desire to go into the field of forensic science

Main Pitfalls: Fear of being a burden on police department


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.